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---prasheka-april22Sattika Skirts: The ancient Sari, originally referred to as Sattika, a piece of cloth draped and adorned around the body in various ways. The Sari to this day, is the quintessential Indian female Garment. For more than 5000 years, this simple elegant, alluring attire has captivated the hearts and imagination of woman.

We Celebrate this timeless traditional costume that is the epitome of femininity. With our passion and appreciation for this timeless costume and all it affords its wearer we have created a garment as captivating as the Sari, and as simple as Sattika… a Sari-Wrap Skirt. Our Wrap Skirts are an understanding about the art of drape, about the symmetry of your body as it interfaces with cloth and is a source of inspiration for individual expression. View our Video here:

Sattika skirts allow you with ease and convenience, to explore all the versatility of drapes and adornments, from skirts, to dresses, to scarves and shawls. Like the Sari they are a contemporary rendition of timeless traditional values in feminine expression and yet with the ease of Wrap-Skirts, we bring you a simple infinitely adaptable garb that can be draped in as many different ways your imagination can create.

sattika-400So as the wearer a simple and yet alluring personal transformation takes place, tailored to meet the needs of any occasion, from the most casual of day wear, to the most formal of evening wear. Sattika skirts are made from the finest hand-selected Sari-Fabrics, chosen for their unique qualities comprising of exotic colors and patterns, embroideries and weaves, drapes and flow, that provide fluidity of movement and expression, whether casual and sportive or elegant and formal. Our wrap skirts are a garment for all seasons, all ages, and all fashion needs.

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